Burnley FC in the Community (BFCitC) is the award-winning, official charity of Burnley Football Club.



We believe in the immense power of Burnley football club to transform people’s lives for the better. We work hard every day to deliver our mission to inspire, support and deliver change to communities across Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale, the Ribble Valley and West Yorkshire.



Our work is channelled into five key areas: sport, education, health, social inclusion and community facilities. Our highly-skilled, dynamic and passionate team now deliver over 35 community projects that touch the lives of a huge spectrum of people in and around Burnley. From children and young people right through to senior citizens.

我们的工作分为五个关键领域:体育,教育,健康,社会包容和社区设施。我们技术高超,充满活力和热情的团队现在提供超过35个社区项目,触及伯恩利及其周围众多人的生活。 从儿童和青少年直到老年人。


Though we are embedded within the ethos of Burnley FC, we are financially independent from the football club. We rely on fundraising activities, donations, sponsorships and grants to do the work we do and every penny we raise goes to developing new opportunities for those who need it most.



We believe Burnley is a special place – a home to extraordinary people. This website will showcase to you the scope of our work but it’s also a place you can actively get involved in the work of our charity.

我们相信伯恩利是一个特殊的地方 - 卓越的人的家园。 本网站将向您展示我们的工作范围,但它也是个让您可以积极参与我们慈善工作的地方。


Day by day, the outreach of our work is growing and truly exciting things are happening at Burnley FC in the Community. Come and be part of our story!

日复一日,我们的工作范围正在扩大,伯恩利足球俱乐部社区也有令人兴奋的事情发生。 欢迎成为我们故事的一部分!

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